Sunday, September 11, 2011

Pettingills Fruit Farm

First of all, I am not a fan of fruit in my ice cream. I would much rather have butterfingers and oreos filling my shakes. However, this fruit stand has now changed my opinion of fruit filled shakes.

 Their flavors vary with the fruit that is on during that time. You may find that cantaloupe, raspberry, peach, blueberry, and banana are all rotated throughout the summer. During the end of August and beginning of Septemeber is the time that the peaches are on, and that is the time that you must drive to Perry Utah for a Pettingills fresh peach shake!

 One thing that makes this fruit shake good to me is that they blend up the fruit very well in that there are no large chunks of fruit (that is the worst part of a fruit shake to me). They also use Farrs premium ice cream which is the most creamiest of ice cream that Farrs ice cream has to offer....It is amazing!
You can mix and match their fruity flavors. I got raspberry peach which was very delicious!

Their shakes are thick, very creamy, and rich in flavor.Not only are their shakes more than satisfying, the atmosphere of the quaint small town fruit market is one of the more enjoyable locations to sit and enjoy a delicious shake.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Best Shake at Bear Lake

When you ask someone where to find the best shake at Bear Lake you can get a few different answers and it can even turn into a controversy as everyone claims they know the best place to find the most delicious shake. Bear Lake is a shake heaven to any ice cream contisor, there are several places to choose from, soft ice cream, hard ice cream, there is even a new self serve yogurt shop there as of last summer. I used to believe that Le Beaus was the best, because that was the only place that my family went; however, I have recently began to branch out. I have tried each place that someone has referred me to as the best place to get a Bear Lake shake. I have tried the quick and tasty, the chevron (believe it or not), Bear Lake Pizza, and Lakeside Pizza.

I now believe that my search has come to an end at a location that is not well known in the Pickleville area of Bear Lake. Just East of the Pickleville playhouse there is a small blue building called Pickleville grocery, the sign advertises Bear Lake subs and shakes. The shake shack is an even smaller building than the grocery store and is a little behind and to the East of the store.

This place was AMAZING!! It offers hard ice cream shakes with many different flavor and mix in options. Their most unique mix in options being a slice of pie, a piece of cake, lemon merenge, and cake batter. There are no syrup flavors here, the cake batter is actual "Fun Fetti" cake batter, the cake is moist chocolate cake from Costco, and you can choose from a slice of Apple, Cherry, Cheescake, or Pecan Pie. I am sure the calorie count for those is very high, but who is counting when you are enjoying a little piece of milk shake heaven.
My Brother in-law chose the apple pie flavor

My mother in law chose raspberry lemonade which was very
light and refreshing for such a hot day. My Father in-law
chose the chocolate cake shake and it was amazing, one of
my favorites. 

My husband chose the pecan pie shake. It was a
subtly sweet shakewas also one of my favorites. 

I chose the cake batter flavor. It was amazing,
but became very rich towards the end. 
This shake location serves quality ice cream and mix ins, it is not crowded like the other places and will be my top pick from now on whenever I venture to the Lake of Bears!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Best Gelato In Costa Rica

Gelato is much cheaper here in Costa Rica, and therefore, I must get as much of it as possible. I found a quaint little place that is just by our school. The only problem is that I found it too late. There were so many things on the menu that I wanted to try, but we only had half a week left in Costa Rica. We were able to make it there two times and it was delicious each time! The gelateria is called "The Piazza". There are many flavors to choose from, everything from tropical fruit flavors to the chocolaty, candy flavors.

 Each flavor I sampled was better than the last. For our first experience at the Piazza I decided to get a banana split that included three scoops of gelato and it was under 4 American dollars. The flavors I chose were caramel, chocolate chip, and the Piazza's signature flavor which consisted of some vaniilla, chocolate, and caramel swirls. When the banana split came, I was amazed, it looked delicious, and the presentation was spectacular.

However, once I began eating it, I found that there was too much whipped topping and it became too sweet for me. I did however, love the gelato; it was very rich and creamy. The caramel was my favorite.

For our second trip to the piazza, I decided to try some fruit flavors. I decided on a mango, strawberry shake. My husband also got a scoop for himself, he decided upon one of the delicious tropical fruit flavors.

The presentation of each purchase was just as good as last time. I really enjoyed the mango strawberry shake, it was very creamy for ice cream that is mixed with water. I was very impressed. I ended my Costa Rican, ice cream excursion on a definite high note!

Costa Rican McFLURRIE!!!

Just as in America....and the rest of the world, there are of course McDonalds found in Costa Rica. Their menu has a few minor differences from the American menu that we are used to. For breakfast you can find a McPinto on the menu at a Costa Rican Mcdonalds. A McPinto consists of rice, beans, hashbrowns, sausage, and eggs. Of course I paid the most attention to the desert menu. On the sundae menu you can find the typical hot fudge sundae, but you can also find a pineapple, strawberry, and caramel sundae. The mcflurries offered were oreo, m&m, and snickers. In America, the snickers mcflurrie is not an option on the menu and therefore, I had to try it.

American McFlurrie Vs. Costa Rican McFlurrie:
I must say that I would take a Costa Rican McFlurrie any day, over an American McFlurrie. The ice cream was very creamy compared to the watered down American McFlurrie. Also, an option in Costa Rica is the choice of  hot fudge or caramel mixed into your McFlurrie; this is not an option in America. I got both chocolate and caramel mixed into my snickers McFlurrie and it was AMAZING!

Another difference is that the toppings are not mixed in as they are in America; they are all placed on top. Normally, this would be a negative to a shake, but I actually liked it. I believe that the reason that placing the toppings on top was alright was because they placed enough that would last the customer the entire shake. It was a perfect Mcdonalds McFlurrie experience!

FrUiTy PeBbLe IcE cReAm!!

KFC's are everywhere here in Costa Rica. and along with each KFC is a KFC heladeria where they serve ice cream. The new flavor that they were advertising was a Fruity Pebble Avalancha.

I was so excited to try it, the posters made it look so good! I was finally able to try it the other night and I was not let down. The Fruity Pebble Avalancha consists of soft serve vanilla ice cream with strawberry syrup and of course it is loaded with Fruity Pebbles. It was a great price and the ratio of each mix in was very good as well. I would definitely get it again.